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Windows 11: Users Criticize Video - Microsoft Deletes All Comments

Windows 11: Users Criticize Video – Microsoft Deletes All Comments

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Windows 11: Users Criticize Microsoft Video – Company Deletes All Comments

Windows 11 is currently causing outrage (logo image).

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Windows 11 is causing a stir. Microsoft is getting worse in a video. YouTube users get angry and blame the company.

Windows 11, Next update Microsoft The operating system, at present, causes anger and resentment. This is due to high hardware requirements And a YouTube video.

Windows 11: Hardware requirements are tough

A Study AdDuplex, a cross-advertising network, surveyed 60,000 computers. Conclusion: Only one percent of Windows 11 devices are running.

Aria Carly, a Microsoft employee, admitted in the video that high requirements disappoint many customers.

Due to Windows 11: Users are angry at Microsoft

Everyone else can expect higher security and increased productivity. That doesn’t exactly happen with consumers connected to Windows 10.

Like the notebook check Report, Users complained that the requirements could not be avoided.

Windows 11 Video: Microsoft Deletes All Comments

They speculated that the requirements for Windows 11 were too high and that Microsoft could sell more new devices.

Microsoft deleted all comments. These are currently inactive there.

When will the new Windows 11 arrive?

According to Microsoft, Windows 11 will end in early 2022 Appearance. However, the implementation plan for the upgrade is not yet final. Windows 11 may even come in October.

Can I already download Windows 11?

Of course, there is no final version yet. However, participants in the Windows Insider program can download and test previews.

Will Windows 11 be free?

Customers who have already used and purchased Windows 10 can upgrade to Windows 11 for free.

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