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Will this include the role of Japan Studio?  -

Horizon Zero Dawn and Days Con are computer successes, Sony will invest in multi-site strategies –

Within its financial statements Sony Even outside the PlayStation site he talked about strategies for the future. Investments in recent years have brought in better dividends PC version Horizon Zero Dawn and Days Con of Editorial and Commercial View Winners. For this reason, the Japanese company has stated that it will continue to invest in one in the future Multi-site strategy.

“In July we announced the acquisition of Dix software development company Nixxes, which has the best technology for transferring games to various platforms such as PC. We expect Nixxes to support all our research horizontally.”

“Also, we want to continue to advance Strategic investments To create new IPs, support our multi-site strategy and strengthen our service delivery, including services provided through add-ons. “

This means, as he points out Benji-sale, Sony will bring more PlayStation Studios games to PC in the future (and mobile, we add).

But that means, of course, that Sony will continue its strategy of strengthening internal IPs, thanks to which it will increase sales of its consoles, the engine of growth in recent months.

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