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Windows 11 slows down the performance of some SSDs

Windows 11 slows down the performance of some SSDs

There is a serious problem with Windows 11 SSDs. Many users condemn the very poor performance in writing. Microsoft should act as soon as possible!

If the release of Windows 11 goes too well, Microsoft’s new operating system is still young and users will find more or less annoying bugs. One thing that affects the performance of NVMe SSDs is not new, it was discovered several months ago during the beta testing phase of the operating system.

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But at the time, the bug was precisely set aside due to the beta status of Windows 11. Except that it is still in the final version! Users share Forum From Microsoft and more Reddit There is a problem writing down the criteria and data of their SSDs, which in some cases is significantly lower than under Windows 10.

As for the reading data, there is no change and the error only affects the writing. But despite community scrutiny, there is no well-recognized evidence that SSD performance is declining under Windows 11. However, there is an interesting lead: this error affects the operating system installed disk. The secondary disk shows the expected performance.

The latest development of the operating system (22000.348) seems to have made Microsoft aware of the problem with improving the performance of SSDs. But we are still far from Windows 10. Unfortunately for Windows 11, this problem, as it were, hides it. Performance error with AMD processors.