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Windows 11: Installation on “old” PCs is finally possible

Microsoft has made changes regarding the installation of Windows 11 On “old” PCs. This is possible for users. They need to perform a classic installation by downloading the operating system’s ISO file.

Windows 11 can be installed on “old” PCs

Requires minimal technical configuration to install Windows 11. For example, you need at least the 8th generation Intel processor. But those with a 7th generation model or earlier model can still do the installation. In fact, Microsoft said On the edge In Windows 10, component verification only takes place when a user goes through Windows Update to go to Windows 11. When going through ISO, there is no such verification.

Those who want to install “old” PC and Windows 11 need to go to the Microsoft site and download the ISO file. It will be free. You must open the installer and follow the on-screen instructions to switch to the new OS.

Installation is possible, but beware of potential problems

What happens to those who install Windows 11 on an “old” computer? Some drivers from Microsoft may not work, which will prevent you from having a better daily experience. Furthermore, Microsoft claims that devices that do not meet the minimum hardware requirements experience 52% more kernel-related crashes. Microsoft says devices that meet official minimum specifications are 99.8% faultless.

Use the Windows 11 touch screen

New compatible processors

In the process, Microsoft Notice Reviewed the minimum technical framework (for those going through Windows Update). Windows 11 will eventually support Intel Core X, Zion W and Intel Core 7820 Q processors. The latter will be supported on devices with advanced drivers based on Notification, bundled, Hardware Support Applications (DCH). This is especially true with Surface Studio 2. However, there is no official support for AMD Gen1 processors.

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Finally, Microsoft offers a new version of its application to check the compatibility of your computer with the requirements of Windows 11. This address. It will come after everyone.

PC Software Verification Compatible with Windows 11