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La Talba postpones mediaset broadcast and downloads Barbara d'Rzo!

La Talba postpones mediaset broadcast and downloads Barbara d’Rzo!

It seems that Barbara de Urzo will not be the head of the new edition of La Talba, which will not return before the fall of 2022.

MediaSet Officially announced the return Mole, One Reality show Loved it so much, Prime Time on his networks soon. Despite the enthusiasm shown by the audience, Piscion will be compelled Postpone the introduction of the project, And rumors are circulating that it will not be Barbara de Urso Lead the new season.

La Talba: When will it come back, and who is it guiding?

T Notice the return to the small screen Mole Thrilled the audience, wanting its dynamic form Reality show, Has disappeared from television for many years MediaSet Many hypotheses have begun to spread over the cast and the host who takes control of the show. In recent weeks it has been speculated Barbara de Urzo can lead La Talpa, In light of last year’s exemptions that halved the Neopolitan presenter’s worship programs. Now, however, some more information is coming in regarding this, which excludes the existence D’Irzo.

“Will Barbara de Urzo be the new presenter of La Talba? The news has been circulating for several days and is being re-launched by various platforms with mixed reactions., We study in Takospia. When Paola Brego S.I am said to be ready to resume his post, as it seems that there is not much enthusiasm yet for the organization of the reality show in Colono Monsieur Extension of Big Brother VIP From Alfonso Signorini, We will not see Mole BeforeFall 2022.

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“Who will be on the run? This is a question that has not been asked in the Colono Monsieur, because it is important to first understand the broadcast period. It disappoints the fans.