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Windows 10 v2004 is finally available to everyone

Windows 10 v2004 is finally available to everyone

Windows 10 v2004 is finally available to everyone. Its deployment is now max. The operating system is the new recommended version on the Twenty Channel.

It took almost a year for Microsoft to deliver Windows 10 V 2004 without any restrictions. Named the May 2020 update, this version was announced in the spring of last year. Its deployment is based on the so-called cautious approach. The software company provided its OS in a controlled manner by running it in stages. At the same time, another “standard” version, 20H2, was released. Here again the approach is cautious as its availability is not yet generalized.

Microsoft is working on its sequel with the arrival of spring Windows 10 first feature update 2021. It will be a “small” update, a kind of service package that will be provided as a kind of update. Expect some upgrades and new functions under the hood.

The big crowd of Windows 10 21 H2, 2021

Keep in mind that we have a change in the grand tradition as the “small” update is usually scheduled for a fall like 20H2. This change is due to the arrival of the new operating system in the spring of Windows 10X. This will support the giant strategy for dual screen devices for a long time. He will start his career on single screen devices due to health crisis and various delays.

Windows 10X So a small feature update for Windows 10 would be the “star” of spring. The fall encounter will be very important and enjoyable. Microsoft wants to provide significant improvements and new features when restoring the design of the office …

Windows 10 21 H2 will upgrade to Microsoft Dark Mode

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