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Windows 10 and KP5003173 are used for "Weather and Current Affairs", but have 3 major issues

Windows 10 and KP5003173 are used for “Weather and Current Affairs”, but have 3 major issues

Microsoft has decided to upgrade the Windows 10 taskbar with the advent of the widget. Known as “Weather and News”, it also provides weather forecasts to MSN.

Its processing and deployment is entrusted to the overall update KB5003173. It targets PCs running Windows 10 20H1 and 20H2. This Microsoft approach is a solution to provide a “Windows 10” version of the Google Discover app available for Android and iOS. At the top of the taskbar we see messages, contact options and personalized content that respond to the user’s interests. This is a service that allows users to submit MSN articles without asking. Topics range from politics to entertainment to technology.

Windows 10 and the “Weather and News” widget

News & Weather Widget in Windows 10 and Taskbar

Microsoft has said that this innovation will be released gradually. Given the kickoff, it is clear that it will take time Everyone can enjoy it.

It is officially included in the possibilities of Windows 10 when installing a specific update KB5003173. This is only for computers running Windows 10 20 H1 or 20 H2. Normally, if there is no compatibility issue, the window will appear immediately with the KP installation.

However, not everything is perfect. Problems are encountered. Overall we have three “big” negative feedbacks. Some users report that the weather icon attached to the taskbar is dim. Others noticed that the flow would no longer run if the taskbar location was changed. Finally, the last concern is that the widget stops working. In this case a blank window or loading animation will appear. Note that there is a solution to this last problem. All you have to do is restart “Explorer” from the task manager.

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