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PS5 version postponed due to technical issues - Nerd 4. Life

PS5 version postponed due to technical issues – Nerd 4. Life

Announced CI Games PS5 of Sniper Coast Warrior Deals2 It was Postponed A date should be set for last minute technical issues. Unfortunately, they are not mentioned, so it is difficult to understand how far they are delayed.

Other versions, namely PS4, Xbox One, Xbox Series X and S & PC are confirmed for June 4, 2021. CI Games said it was pleased with how the game works on these sites and stopped the team from working on the PS5 version. To obtain similar results. This makes us understand that the Sony console contained some of the games Liquidity problem.

Whatever it is, the PS4 version will still be operational Backward fit Includes the ability to upgrade for free to the latest generation version on the PS5 and when available.

To make up for the problem, CI Games has decided The first D.L.C., Which covers new terrain on all platforms, including the PS5. So imagine it coming out after the latest version for Sony’s console.

The developers of Sniper Ghost Warrior Contracts 2 were not the first to have trouble with the PS5. Recently, Biomotent also had to announce that playing with backward compatibility on the PS5 would involve some compromises in terms of graphics compared to other versions. Small development teams seem to be having a bit of trouble upgrading the PS5 versions of their cross-platform games.