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"Scholes is trying to lead Germany"

“Scholes is trying to lead Germany”

AGI – “At this point, he has the best chances of becoming president Olaf Scholes“. Marcus Soder He measures his words, but he knows they are like stones when he says “SPD should rule now”. The real recipient of the CSU leader’s message is obvious Armin Lashed, Candidate President. Who is attacked by heavy barrage in his own camp Sunday’s election defeat, Displaced with nearly two million votes SPD And 24.1% marks the worst end in conservative union history.

The Bavarian governor’s trip has already challenged him in the race for the chancellor, as Lachet has been actively trying to retain an option. ‘Jamaica’ alliance With Greens and Liberals. Soder does exactly that within the union accused of not being the leader of the CDU: admit defeat and congratulate the winner. From Munich, the CSU leader explains that “now the SPD is trying to form a government” and the election result should be “respected”, resulting in “not getting the job of creating a new executive”.

He says it openly: “This time a‘ traffic light ’coalition is close, formed by the SPD, the Greens and the Liberals, Soder insists, if he is unable to bring home the majority of the union’s“ responsible ”Social Democrats. Final step: According to Bavarian, “This is a question of style: so I congratulate Olaf Scholes. For a Democrat, congratulating Scholes is completely normal.”

Lachet’s half-win

A few hours later, during a provocative meeting of the CDU / CSU Parliamentary Committee in the Bundestack, Lashet was actually able to win a half-victory, with the delegates agreeing to compromise and “running out of time” with Sodar for the re-election of Ralph Brinkas, the group leader, but The climate in the Union is hot. Of course the titles do not help to calm the spirits: “Soder breaks the leash”, built-in headlines online, “The lash: an unworthy scene”, is a collection of Frankfurt Rundshaw.

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In practice, the Christian Democratic presidential candidate is trying to retain the will of the ‘Jamaica’ coalition while pushing the SPD to accelerate by announcing first talks with the Greens and Liberals “within the week”. To pull the serious Verdi and Fdp to his side: “His political survival is in danger”, a comment often heard these days in Berlin.

“Jamaica” or “traffic light”?

However, it is precisely from the front of the Liberals The first cold shower. The FDP’s second-in-command, Wolfgang Kubiki, says the “Jamaica” option is “crumbling by the hour”, and Lashet thinks he “will not survive politically this week” because “resignation demands” are increasingly loud in his own ranks. Conversely: “There are several indications that the FDP does not want to enter into a‘ traffic light ’alliance, i.e. with the Social Democrats, the Greens and the Liberals.

In the meantime, however, the candidate was able to take some time off: Brinkhaus, through mediation, was re-elected for only six months, until April 2022. No other candidates: Jens Spann, Norbert talked about Rodgen and Frederick Mers. Lachet proposed that Brinkhaus should be the leader of the CDU / CSU MPs only for an interim phase. This is an important question: if the alliance with the SPD, the Greens and the Liberals reaches the ultimate goal, the leader of the CDU / Csu group will actually be the leader of the opposition in the Bundestack. This role is generally accepted by the party leader. So Lachet’s demand to ‘disable’ the re-election.

A leader under siege

As for turning off the microphones and saying a few voices within the union, the solution opens a door to his inner rivals: if the CDU leader is forced to leave, the heir will have the opportunity to be elected chairman of the committee, bringing the two offices together, as is usually done when you oppose in Germany. Talking about the weather, big words flew to the Bundestag crowd: subcommittee leader Kita Goneman, according to Spiegel, demanded Lachet’s resignation: “Who is responsible? The union has been halved in many laundries. Here I am. Personal consequences”. Again: “We live in two worlds: one talks about government positions, the worst election result in basic history”.

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But even yesterday the Economy Minister asked for a revolution Peter Altmeyer, Considered a believer in Angela Merkel, said “it is clear that we do not have an mandate to form a government.” In a similar vein, Daniel Gunder, the governor of Shelswig Holstein, expressed himself: “After such a decision we simply cannot say: go on like this. We must clarify whether we should try to lead a government or whether we should go to the opposition.” To say in words Norbert Rodgen: “The CDU is in existential danger of losing its status as a mass party”.

But Lashet did not give up. Moreover, according to Bildt, for the first time he was offered the chance to go to the opposition, and admitted that “he made a mistake, by some coincidence: I want to apologize to those who admitted it”. But on one point Lashet insists: “No one has the right to declare himself a winner in an election, and unfortunately this applies to us as well.” As far as government opportunities are concerned, “it is not immoral for an executive to come in second,” he added.

(Supposedly) layers of soda

Today, however, there is another background that has shaken the CDU / Csu world: according to various German media reports, increasing pressure is mounting on the Soder Union to manage negotiations with the Greens and the FDP’s liberals. (Assumption) ‘Jamaica’ agreement. Moreover, Frankfurter Rட்ntsov writes that if the CSU leader’s endeavor is to succeed, he can become the next German president. This is why, to add a deep throat, why did Soder not say that the path of the conservative union was the opposition in the evening of the election: the idea was to open the way to the office now occupied by Angela Merkel.

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Apparently, Olaf Souls’ SPD is not standing still: as group leader Rolf Moutzenich says, Social Democrats are “ready to negotiate not only quickly, but credibly.” At the same time, the Greens and Liberals had already agreed at the first meeting: there was little time for Lashett to get out of the grip.