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Game of Thrones -

Game of Thrones –

Did you know the horror movie series “Cha”? If so, you are familiar with the exact approach that Jigsaw ransomware takes. Malware plays a game with its victims in which they have no chance of winning.

The “ransomware” name (in English: “ransomware”) does exactly what it promises: once you catch one, it encrypts all the randomly selected, specifically selected, or hard drive data in the background. This will remove the user from the computer and show an unavoidable alert, which draws the victim’s attention to their predicament and sets a deadline for them to “buy” their data. Frequent solicitation in the form of anonymous cryptocurrencies invalidates malware encryption again – at least promising to do so. If you do not pay, your data will never be accessible again because the encryption will always be in place.

“Jigsaw” expands this basic “ransomware” approach with another component. This shows why the villain got the villain name from the “Sa” horror series: “Jigsaw” deletes some data every hour, allowing the user to pass without paying. After 24 hours, the malware destroys hundreds of data and thousands the next day. Anyone who tries to cheat or remove the software will immediately lose 1000 files as punishment.

“Ransomware” has been part of the list since the mid-2000s The most dangerous forms of malware worldwide. Many victims still pay ransom claims – often without encrypting their own data – which makes online thugs a very lucrative scam. However, there are three steps that can be taken to ensure that malware does not work. First, you should at least make regular backups of your sensitive data, regardless of any malware threats. Secure Cloud Storage is no longer an expensive and fully automatic backup software that you set up once and sends all the correctly marked data to the remote server at regular intervals, sometimes for free. Sync Free Van 2 Pridesparks For example, you can already find everything you need for this in its free version. If you lose some time designing your hard drives and reinstalling your computer, you may need to download your important data again. Second, make sure you have such a powerful and complete security package Norton ™ 360 This is because it scans all your downloads and prevents malware from getting into your computer. Incidentally, this includes jigsaw. Third, malicious programs usually exploit security holes in your computer. They stop this by immediately downloading and installing the recommended updates for you on all your programs and operating systems.

If you are affected by ransomware, you should definitely not pay the ransom. The chance of retrieving encrypted data is very small. They also finance the criminal activities of fraudsters. If they don’t make money with their meshes anymore, that effort is no longer worth it to them.