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Windjammers 2, Tried: Competitive Frisbee is back

Windjammers 2, Tried: Competitive Frisbee is back

We had the opportunity to tell you about the Steam Sports Festival and its numerous demos. Thanks to this event, therefore, we were able to try some of the most interesting topics in development in the independent panorama, we decided to give you more insight into these cases. Twenty-five years after the first episode, here is one of the most popular games of the first half of the nineties, and we are ready to offer you our record of trying! Windjammers2.

Frisbee is back

Windjammers need no introduction, but if you have little idea what it is, know that speech must necessarily start with the game Tambourine. Not for discipline, but for the shape of the pitch. It may seem appropriate for a casual tennis court game frisbee (Or discus throwing game) instead of a tambourine court. It is a very primitive discipline that derives its name from one of the tools used to pass the ball to the opponent’s half. So the field is made up of two parts separated by a net, from which there is a base for throwing the ball (in the case of Windjammers 2 Frisbee) and a horizontal line to separate the right side from the left. So, within this field, all the fun of the title takes place Totem.

The model is not complicated: you can move around on your own half and have an armory Stroke Combined with the pressure of various keys including crushes, dunks, special hits, dumps and lobes. There is difficulty in learning to manage these scenarios and knowing how to use them at the right time without wasting opportunities. Keep in mind that the characters you select will be faster or slower and more or less powerful depending on their structure.

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Between new inputs and welcome returns, The List We will see the perfect combination of characters that can be used with athletes around the world (yes, ours will be too) Loris Piaggi). As for the selected levels, Windjommers 2 has good grids to use as a backdrop for matches. In this case some popular systems like Beach will come back .. In our experiment there was a quick online competition that we could play by choosing between three characters and at three different levels.

Windjammers 2 6

The feel of the title is the same as the previous chapter, certainly more fluid in the animations (hand drawn) and richer in possibilities, but based on the luck that turned this franchise into the best. The title will have leaderboards that will allow you to try your hand at offline and online competitions, and will provide the “playful” arcade mode announced in conjunction with the Steam Games Festival. Apparently inevitable against the locals. There is another feature that sets up Windjommers 2, and that is the style. What makes the title so enlightening and mesmerizing is not only the frantic and layered gameplay (which is easy to understand and difficult to master), but also the audio visual impact of the game.

It presents a technical perspective a Cartoon graphics Reminiscent of some of the popular scrolling fighting games of the 90s, it maintains features of hand drawing. But from the first episode, the soundtrack is always with the theatrical experience. Windjammers can always support a player during games with its 80s – 90s songs, mostly synthwave, wapowow or futurfunk. Winjammers 2 attempts to implement the same strategy with selected songs from the 90s, which, as seen in the demo, succeeds in its purpose.

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The very short demo gave the most respectable title of the past. Strong reference to the first episode of Windjammers 2 despite some improvements and news. The strength of the title seems to be the feeling of being immersed in the 90s. The overlay div is responsible for holding dimming the rest of the page. When you encounter an opponent who knows the game setup, you can see how Windjommers 2 keys are found to be a product that can be changed and adapted to each type of player and situation. Whether it’s a night out in bed with friends or an intimate fight for positions on online leaderboards, Windjommers 2 can be the bread for your teeth.