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China wants to build a multi-kilometer spacecraft

China wants to build a multi-kilometer spacecraft

When it comes to space exploration, China sees the bigger picture. The country’s scientists are working on a giant spacecraft project several kilometers wide.

A team of researchers will study this “mega-role” project over a five-year period, overseen by the Chinese National Nature Foundation. “Such a spacecraft will be an important strategic space tool for future space resources, exploring the mysteries of the universe and long-term maintenance of orbit,” the document said in a document seen by the Foundation newspaper. South China Morning Record.

The modular craft is so large and heavy that it cannot be launched in a single plane. The different pieces of the ship must be assembled in space after being placed in orbit one by one. A real challenge for researchers is to take this constraint into account in ship design. In particular, they should improve the weight of different parts as much as possible to reduce the number of releases to be carried out. The project is estimated at $ 2.3 million or மில்லியன் 2 million.

So China continues to invest heavily in its space program. In 2019, it will be the first country to land far from the moon. Last May, the first Chinese rover landed Tuesday.

At the same time, the People’s Republic continues to build its Tiangang space station. The first drone to the station took place in June, with two more blocks to be put into orbit next year. When completed, this Chinese station will weigh a quarter of the ISS International Space Station.