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Win the Nintendo Switch with the version of Metroid Dread Collector

Win the Nintendo Switch with the version of Metroid Dread Collector

Today is Christmas. Are you just asking about all the prices? Not bad, because you can participate in all the competitions until December 26 and put your name in the ring!

Today at Christmas we are offering something that many seniors will definitely associate with Christmas: one from Nintendo! Of course, sometimes SEGA, then Sony, Microsoft and even some unfortunate exotics had a Mattel Hyperscan, which shocked them. But most, if not all, Christmas memories are hard on the Nintendo hardware, so it’s only relevant The current Nintendo console switch, is about to catch on today. Well, almost. This is a switch, but not an OLED switch. Because we already had a problem with our competitors. Getting the latest technology is sometimes a real problem even for manufacturers.

Nintendo Console for Christmas. How clever … so what? Don’t miss out on a good classic!

But even on the old screen, the switch has now become Nintendo’s absolute success story. I still remember the first wonderfully crowded presentation in Berlin. Who would have thought that he would look back nostalgically at the mess in the closet … We took a different look in hand, we were so impressed, we decided that Mario Kart would always go, we were skeptical. Well, we thought it would be better than the Wii U.

Which Zelda should be: Back to the roots?

A little better. The 100 million switch was later sold, and the small hybrid of the handheld and stationary console showed no signs of slowing down. This is a good thing, we are waiting for the faster version with 4K, but it may take a while for Switch Pro to arrive. But Nintendo has finally solved the third-party problem that plagued them during the Wii and Wii U eras: the colorful, vast indie world was a replacement, and now there is no such thing as metroidvania, portable RPG, retro game, or any console I like. Similar things. When the family relies on the TV in the evening, you can catch up with Nintendo and play the new Zelda or the old Zelda on the online service. What would we have given for this freedom on so many Christmas Eve.

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Or do you like the vast world of Breath of the Wild?

Yes, the switch was a huge success for good reasons, and thanks to hardware updates and a steady stream of new games, it should stay that way for a while. It has the best chance of becoming the most successful Nintendo console. After all, the Wii almost leaves it, and you go back to the old Cam Boy. With things like the upcoming Breath of the Wild 2, you can break this mark.

Steelbook and Artbook.

Until then, for example, let’s pass the time on the switch with this year’s Nintendo hit. Together with the Nintendo Switch, we are making the biggest one here Collector’s Edition von Madras Tread. Atmospheric game shows well that it can come even without the Metro-Vania. Built-in worlds, crisp bosses, brilliant extras. Here you can find the complete list of everything you know and want in this series. It would be great to start another round of SuperMedroid.

Metro works well without Vania.

In the big box you will definitely find the game in Steelbook, which was contrary to what I expected at first, but then happily gave the gold stamp. I play it a second time, this time it is hard and I am already struggling. In a good way. Let’s see if I can afford the following bosses. Absolutely worthy part of the history of Madras. There are some art cards in the bag that look so cute, but I don’t know what to make of them. Regardless, the large liquid book makes up a good portion of the size and weight of the box, which is very successful. There are many ways to start playing on your newly opened switch, and Metroid Dread is definitely not a bad one.

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If you want to win this Christmas set from Nintendo Switch and the version of the Android Tread Collector, play it. Thanks again to Nintendo for this great gift!

Last date for entries is December 26, 2021 at 11:59 pm..

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