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Eshop: Nintendo Perd Son Procès Pour Restriction Sur Les Remboursements

Nintendo loses control of digital game cashback

The High Court in Frankfurt Court agreed with the German Consumer Organization (VZBV) to consider Nintendo’s bookings and cashback policy through eShop contrary to EU law. In January 2020, a German court upheld Nintendo’s position on the matter – allowing it to cancel bookings on eShop seven days before the start of the title – which was appealed and eventually reconsidered by the court.

What does the German consumer organization demand from Nintendo’s policy?

In line with VZBV’s position, Nintendo operates with a digital booking procedure that is inconsistent with EU warranty and return policy. Specifically, the current functionality is as follows: If any user of the Nintendo Switch – or other consoles of the Japanese company – makes a reservation for booking a video game, he or she will be able to make these bookings only on startup. . Dated.

In this way, the buyer will not be able to make a profit from this acquisition before the first purchase, and therefore, until the first purchase day, the consumer organization demands that the purchase be canceled and refunded. Although Nintendo agrees with this decision, the news that the booking was canceled seven days before the first screening of the upcoming title is still displayed on the Nintendo Switch eShop, which was installed in September 2020.

What does the EU guarantee and return policy say

EU law establishes that consumers who purchase online have 14 calendar days to return an item or return a refund “for no reason, without any justification”, unless digital products are available. In this case, if the download has started, the money will not be refunded or refunded. Nintendo accepts the latter because pre-download is, in theory, a practical download of the app; But VZBV considers it unfair that you can not take advantage of this program.

In short, what does Nintendo reveal after losing this case? Nintendo may be forced to withdraw purchases until the product release date; Not until seven days before its first show.

It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post.

Notes | VZBV; VGC; கொட்டகு

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