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Will the world star be announced?

Speaks blindly about a world star who could host the next concert on Fortnight. All the details are here

Fortnight is working on his next concert, and there is already talk of a potential protagonist (Getty Images)

Fortnight It is known worldwide for its gameplay, continuous updates and the many modes available to users. But it is undeniable Epic game Thanks to the high level of partnership and a series of exclusive events with the envy of the competition was able to ride the waves. Think about the concert Travis Scott, It has millions of people stuck to their screens.

Soon, it looks like Gaming Island will be hosting a new big event World music star. There are already many rumors and rumors about this, there may already be a name. A leak of the Fort Knights subtitle claims to be the protagonist indeed Ariana Grande.

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Fortnight, will Haryana Grande be the protagonist of the next event?

Haryana Grande may be the star of the next game show (Getty Images)

The news has not yet been confirmed, but the leaks are sure: it will be Ariana Grande The protagonist of the next concert Fortnight. Everything was explained in a Fortnight Leagues subtitle. In the last few months, in fact, this has already been talked about. Especially when related to leakage New skins and Creative 2.0 mode Inside the Battle Royale. With the exception of the addition of Dataminer, the rumor has now been caught again The skin depicting the singer, As happened Travis Scott e Marshmallow.

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They already seem to have happened Rehearsal of a virtual concert, Which suggests that everything may come before the table. Confirmations await Epic game Itself.