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WhatsApp will ask you to login to your fingerprint web

WhatsApp is testing its multi-device mode to send messages without using its phone

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Facebook, Announced on Wednesday that it would launch a test aimed at freeing users of its mobile phones and their restrictions such as the classic battery failure.

The company, which has more than 2 billion users, said it would allow users to use a certain amount of testing on four “non-phone” devices. WhatsApp can already be used on “peripherals” such as computers, but redirecting transactions will not allow the app to work if a person’s smartphone is offline or has no memory. Drums.

Up to four non-telephone devices used simultaneously

“With this new feature, you can now use WhatsApp simultaneously on your phone and all four non-phone devices, even if your battery is dead,” Facebook’s security team said in a post. “By requiring the phone to perform all the functions, the peripherals are slow and they are often disconnected,” he added.

“WhatsApp’s new multi-device framework removes these barriers, while the company continues to” keep user data synchronized and private, transparent and secure. “

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