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WiLD is not canceled, it can be changed exclusively for PS5 -

WiLD is not canceled, it can be changed exclusively for PS5 –

Show, Interesting title given by Michael Ansel many years ago, seems to be absent Deleted: Some sources indicate that the project is still in progress and is likely to be transformed into onePS5 exclusive.

Announced during Sony’s Gamescom 2014 conference, WiLD promises a broad platform Open world “Wild” print, in which you can control a large number of different characters and creatures in a completely free way.

Well, according to reports in a series of online courses, the game is still in development at Wild Sheep Studios: production practice has never stopped, and the PS4 has now been replaced PlayStation 5 The experience is more likely to land on the new console by maintaining exclusive status.

“In the jungle you play as a shaman who can control these animals and use their physical and athletic qualities,” Antonio Fucito wrote in a preview of the WiLD published a few years ago.

“For example, an eagle can hunt from above and circle quickly between distant points; a bear can attack or intimidate very tough enemies; a rabbit can move without disturbing the view of others; even a sheep can move away from the herd, perhaps to feed on other animals.”

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