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Goku fans can now download the "Free Demo" of Dragon Ball Z: Gagarot on Switch

Goku fans can now download the “Free Demo” of Dragon Ball Z: Gagarot on Switch

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The last Dragon Ball game released in Switzerland was “Cockroach” – a video game that tells the story of Goku in the Dragon Ball Z animated series. If you are still not sure if you are interested in this game then why not give it a try. Newly available demo.

Yes, that’s right – Bandai Namco has created a “free demo” of SwitchCam through and eShop. It is available worldwide and can be downloaded now, approximately 1.7 GB.

If you have not played this game yet, here’s how to summarize it in our Nintendo Life review:

“Dragon Ball Z: Kagarot may not do much more than tell the story of the Dragon Ball, but he does it to the extent that current fans find pleasure in exploring the world and fighting evil.” Symbol of ownership. Despite the lack of battle depth and minor technical shortcomings to work with, the game maintains itself by expanding existing Dragon Ball knowledge and providing fans with the moments of life that we most desperately need. I do not see much to like here, but it is more than a useful review of an iconic story. “

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Are you going to download this demo on your switch? Have you already played? As always, leave a comment below.

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