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Wild gossip about today's free game

Wild gossip about today’s free game

of Thilo Bayer
Today again there is a “mysterious” free game in the epic games – rumors point to a blockbuster. Remedies Control is being offered for free today, according to the MyTeals website.

The Mega Sale Bee Epic Game Slowly approaching the end, it also applies to “mysterious” free games, which cause cravings among bargain hunters once a week. Will the most interesting game be followed at 5pm tonight?

EGS: With control today?

We remember: the first “mysterious” free game NBA 2K21, carefully designed polarizing gift horse. Number 2 was in us, number 3 was Frostbunk. So you could say it got better and better. Now only number 4 is missing, with it being the last place in the mystery games, because next week the first epic will announce the games again as usual. There is one for the fourth free game as part of the mega sale Note from the Mydealz community. Control is promised here – the mystery action game from Remedy. The user did not provide a source for the assumption, but he was right with Frostbank.

Control makes perfect sense, because, as we all know, Revenge is a one-time exclusive game in the title epic. So you have good relationships. Vapor control did not appear until August 2020, and then only appeared as the Ultimate Edition with two extensions, Foundation and Awesome, which makes Season Pass, which currently sells for 14 14.99 on Epic. If so, Epic will only give you the basic game out of control, and we hope users can take advantage of the additional offers. Note: Restriction is not part of mega sales, which is a further indication of the toll-free theory. Epic will not sell the game first, then give it away for free.

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Of course, we don’t know much until 5pm when the clocks in the epic change. Until then you need to More secure FrostbunkIf you have not already done so. Or the code for “Jenshin Epic” To the influence of Kensh Safe, this way you get some extra game bonuses.

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