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L'idée est bien de pouvoir présenter TousAntiCovid au passage aux frontières des pays de l'Union.

TousAntiCovid application will become a health passport

On April 19, 2021, 5:40 pmUpdated April 20, 2021 9:53 AM

The word has never been spoken, but it seems so. Little by little, TousAntiCovid – an application to detect contact cases initiated by the government a year ago – becomes a health passport. As of Monday evening, nearly 14 million users of the app will be able to import and store the results of their PCR or antigen tests on their smartphones. Then, from April 29, their vaccination certificates. For the first time, the documents will be officially certified.

With this new process, the government hopes to encourage the resumption of travel, while the European Commission has urged all EU countries to develop certificates that are operational before June 17. Initially, these documents were collected in the “Cornet” tab of the application, which will be used to facilitate travel between the metropolis and Corsica, and then with foreign territories. But from here a ‘ Fifteen », It is good that Dows can present Anticovit when crossing the borders of the Union countries.

« There are two main advantages: Documents can be damaged and read very quickly ”, Cedric O’Connell, Secretary of State for Digital, which operates the Dous Antigovit aircraft, explains: France was the first country in Europe to make this function available to its citizens. TousAntiCovid is increasingly becoming the Swiss military knife for health administration. »

A QR code to “flash”

In short, after being tested or vaccinated, users can keep a paper certificate from the lab or doctor (present it as recorded) or integrate the QR code into DowsAntico by “flashing”. Or download in PDF from portal and integrate it directly into TousAntiCovid. From the end of May, DOS Antigovit users will be able to store their “old” vaccine certificates, which are available today on the Medicare site Amelie.

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In all cases, the documents will be certified by a QR code that can be scanned by Customs, Border Police or related airlines (Air France, Corsair, Air Corpus, initially…). These are compatible with another application, TousAntiCovid Verif, which allows you to verify certificates. “ The police will know right away whether this is real or fake. C Cedric O.

In terms of data security, the government ensures that they are at the level of smartphones. CNIL is not captured for comment, but simple “Seek advice”. Since the launch of Stop Covid in the spring of 2020 (later Dows Antigovit), the application has been the subject of much controversy, hampering its acquisition by the French. Even today, with 14.7 million users, the app has detected its travel speed.

After this test, can the DOS Antigovit become an internal passport? ” Health passport is not considered to go to florist or restaurant ”, Cedric O. However, the situation may be different for major concerts, festivals or trade shows. ” The Minister concludes.