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La Toyota Land Cruiser è tutta nuova

The Toyota Land Cruiser is all new

long story – Great SUV Toyota Land Cruiser It is a true off-road icon that has sold over 10 million units worldwide: the first generation dates back to 1951, the tenth released today. The previous one, codenamed Series 200 (the smaller series 150 was not imported in Italy), starts in 2007, so as expected, these new innovations Series 300 Lots of them.

Maintains page structure – First The Toyota Land Cruiser Based on a new platform called the GA-F: the Japanese manufacturer wanted to maintain a structure with side members so that it would not affect the stability even in very rough terrain, which is the purpose of the car. The lighter, but tougher, chassis was able to achieve an overall weight reduction of up to 200 kg.

Innovative suggestions – Even suspending the new one Toyota Land Cruiser Completely redesigned, it now relies on the E-KDSS system (Electronic Kinetic Dynamic Suspension System), which, according to the manufacturer, allows the wheels to be more exposed and have more road. To assist the driver in off-road driving, there are cameras that record the surroundings and plan it on-board monitor. This will be required for the new Land Cruiser as it is 499cm long, 198cm wide and has 285 wheelbase.

Two new V6 – For that Toyota Land Cruiser The Japanese house has developed two new engines that will replace the previous V8. The first is the 3.5-liter dual-turbo petrol V6, which delivers 409 hp and 650 Nm of torque. Its closest relative is the turbodiesel V6, which produces 304 hp and 700 Nm of torque in 3.3 liters. Both are mated to a 10-speed automatic transmission and four-wheel drive. With all the off-road technologies, the Japanese company has introduced several driving assist devices collected in the Toyota Safety Sense package.

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Solid style – The Toyota Land Cruiser The Series 300 adopts a new style that does nothing to hide the size, giving the car a bulky and muscular look. The front is dominated by a large grille, which synchronizes well with the slim headlights. The generous square wheel arches stand alone on the side, while the rear is almost vertical to maximize interior space. There is also the GR Sports Edition, which may be recognized by some aesthetic changes, especially on the front. The large, centrally positioned cantilever screen stands out in the passenger compartment. Compared to the current trends the house has decided to put several body buttons that are easily accessible even in road driving. Apart from the small information display positioned between the two indicators, the instrument is mainly analog. However, there are some details and accessories to enhance the comfort like warm and airy seats and JBL audio system.