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WiFi 6E is ready for service

WiFi 6E is ready for service

The WiFi Alliance has opened a certification process for products and equipment that are compatible with the new WiFi 6E standards. This extension of WiFi quality Uses 6 GHz band In order to deliver high speed, large transfer modules with the help of low speed and latest WPA3 security protocol.

Improvements are especially relevant for short distance connections. Advertisers of WiFi 6E cite advanced reality, foresight (for medical or distance education) and all of the already common applications (video surveillance, video conferencing, games, etc.).

The operation of this frequency group does not depend on any licenses from telecommunications regulatory authorities in different countries – an issue that needs to be addressed during quality development.

However, not all markets are still equal. In the United States, Europe, Great Britain or South Korea, for example, the application is unlicensed. The release is being performed by the 6 GHz band in Canada, Brazil, Mexico, Japan and a few other countries.

To use this, Wi-Fi 6E requires a full range of properly sealed devices. Samsung has said it will use it very soon as it will be compatible with the new Galaxy planned for this month.

Broadcom, one of Apple’s network chip suppliers, is clearly running and promises to launch various 6E solutions in the coming months. What hope can be given for such a compatible iPhone 13 Already sweating, Why not have Mac WiFi 6E in 2021

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