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New game in new development diary

New game in new development diary

The new sci-fi exclusive for the new Sony console list is back on display at The Game Awards 2020 Awards.

During the event, The Housemark Has actually provided the unpublished The trailer will return, The release date of the space epic has been officially confirmed. Now, Finnish Software Home offers the opportunity to learn more about production, thanks to the release of a new one Development Diary. Available directly at the beginning of this message, the video sees developers describing some features Will return, Cuts the discussion with several unpublished footage Sports. The video provides an interesting opportunity to learn more about what are the characteristics of exclusivity PlayStation 5.

Interesting element of course, The Return support for unique features of DualSense, With Housemark developers who have carefully studied the method of using the adaptive stimuli of the PS5 controller. Depending on the amount of pressure exerted on them, a simple attack or the special ability of your guns can be activated. The introduction of the Finnish team-signed game is pending, and we remind you that the next release date has been set. March 19, 2021.

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