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Why “Write my name in blue” divides

Song Euro 2021. Announced as the French Anthem by the French Football Association for Euro 2021, the song “Acris Mon Nom N Blue” by Youssef has sparked much controversy.

[Mis à jour le 15 juin 2021 à 20h42] As France enter the tournament, the anthem of the French team still divides this Tuesday, June 15 against Germany in Euro 2021. RDL’s guest, FFF President Noel Le Groot, declared the controversy over the song “Ekris Mon Nom N Blue” by Youssef “a false affair.” He added on the radio that the French rapper’s song was “not a French team song by any means”, emphasizing that there was no discussion or agreement between Youssef and the FFF.

On May 19, in addition to the list of 26 players selected for the French Football Confederation Euro 2021, it was mentioned as the anthem of the French team: Song Write my name in blue, Signed by rapper Youssef. As a testament to the many reactions of anonymous people on social networks or personalities in the media, a choice that is constantly divided. “I do not know who invited him to do an anthem? Because he’s not a rapper … he’s not up, he’s been doing something extraordinary for a long time, and very good. And the song is not terrible” Sword in the water! ” Commented on May 27, 2021 on the microphone of France Inter.

The song (and its artist) was heavily criticized by the National Rally (RN) and rejected by FFF boss Noel Le Grod, he explains in Le ParisianWrite my name in blue In the end it’s not the anthem of the French football team, and the song “does not appear on the Federation’s website. We do not want to ask people to repeat these words.” “It was our young employees in the sales department who had the idea to publish the list of 26 Blues. Personally, I found it. Some are like rap, others are less. Youssef is a good rapper, may have had inappropriate words like others. I hope we should not do so , As usual, let the list be published without communication, “he adds.

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After Johnny Holiday or Herbert Leonard, Yusofa will be coming with his song with the blues during Euro 2021 (or not?) Write my name in blue, Its clip was released on Wednesday, May 19th, 2021. In the video, we find the 26 players selected by Didier Deschamps for the European competition, in the maps, the blue jersey with two stars at the heart.

In the text of his song Write my name in blueRapper Youssef, of Congolese descent, spoke of social diversity and tolerance. “Protect the lines and the brethren in arms. Make a date if you can do it. It comes from the countryside and the neighborhood. No one will leave the camp. Every defense will be heavy with meaning. It’s a lucky day,” sings the 41-year-old artist in particular. Underscores the best combination of “or the” millions of supporters “who will support Blues next month.