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Starfield is huge and long lasting, some features derived from Skyrim - Nert 4. Life

Starfield is huge and long lasting, some features derived from Skyrim – Nert 4. Life

Starfield It will be a game Too big e Durable, Director Todd Howard draws some traits in an interview with The Telegraph Skyrim In terms of the study and construction of the world but they are developing substantially.

However, this is a game in line with the classic style Bethesda, Thus derived from the accumulated experience from previous games. “There are cities built similarly to what we did before,” Howard explained, answering the question of whether you can see cities and how they are built.

Appropriate for a Bethesda RPG in space would be about the Starfield probe

“There are different contexts as we are used to doing, and we want the study experience to be satisfactory and continue like our previous games,” said the director, although there will be some in Starfield Strange properties Compared to previous Bethesda games.

“There are some different elements from the subject in question, but there are also features that we particularly like in games. We want you to point in one direction and walk towards it, and in the process Curiosity And it can be rewarded in the best way “.

Starfield will still be a “huge” game, and this dot Howard is eager to refer to it in a certain way, derived anyway from the tradition of the previous Bethesda series. “People are still playing Skyrim, we learned a lot from that game and we spent more time World Building If you want to play it for a long time, make sure you can play it for a long time at Starfield. “

“We put more hooks back in to attract the player, for example compared to what we added in Skyrim.” So, the idea is to provide a great universe that can be explored by following the main story and custom plans, which allows you to continue playing Starfield Period of time Too long. This means trying to provide an in-depth and rewarding experience by providing content and goals, especially for those who simply want to follow the main story and continue to explore and play for a long time.

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However, there is no accurate information yet Hourly volume Need to finish the game. If we want to create in parallel with Skyrim, the main story takes about 30 to 40 hours, the story and the main extra goes beyond 100 hours, but to complete it you have to go beyond 200 hours of play. We saw the Starfield presentation trailer on E3 2021, and Howard called it a kind of skirmish or hon solo simulator in space.