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Why we advise you to wait before buying the Y model

Why we advise you to wait before buying the Y model

According to Teslascope, the first Tesla Model 3 and Model Y equipped with the AMD Raison chip will begin shipping to the United States a month after China. Everything suggests that this gradual upgrade will actually affect European models, so France.

Tesla Model Y.

Tesla Model Y // Source: Frandroid

for many years, Electric cars Tesla stood alone at a certain point: their central screen was the true cornerstone of the user experience. It’s easy: almost everything can be controlled with this touch screen, which allows you to watch a movie. Netflix Or play games during a charging session, for example.

Logically, Tesla pays special attention to the components that drive its infotainment system. At that time, Nvidia supplier, Tesla Intel and later AMD before setting its sights on an exaggerated Ryzen chip – the same thing PS5 And this Xbox Series S And Series X.

Is Nokia generalizing the AMD Raison chip?

In June 2021, We learned the news Tesla Model S And Model X. We are going to use this AMD Raison chip. Visually, there is an increased power to support more greedy video games, but a much smoother experience for a user than ever before.

At the end of November, Surprise. Tesla began selling at Chinese dealerships Model Y. Performance (Made in Gigafactory Shanghai) Equipped with the popular AMD Raison chip. The company on the other side of the Atlantic would have chosen to generalize to this processor, and not just limit it to the new generation model S / X.

Source: Frandroid

Source: Frandroid

Moreover, in view of the findings made, this trend seems to be continuing Telescope. It’s time now Model 3 And trusting the vehicle information highlighted in the Twitter message, the Model Y was delivered on American soil to taste the all-powerful AMD Ryzen SoC.

Also, the lithium-ion auxiliary battery seems to be a part of it, with the aim of replacing the regular 12 V lead-acid battery.

Here, one can at least hope that the Gigafactory will be the future European model Y produced in Berlin. After the final approval of the authorities, Has the right to this new component. The Berlin plant is not intended to manufacture the Model 3.

China, America … then Europe?

After China and the US, it seems really logical for Tesla to expand this strategy to Europe. Also, an experimental program on the old continent Leaked in early December. The popular AMD Raison chip mentioned project in the future Model Y planned for Europe.

In other words: if you are interested in the Tesla Model Y, it may be worth the wait for a few months to experience a smoother interface and a more powerful infotainment system, which will open the door to many new software possibilities in the future. Lack of spare parts could hamper Elon Musk’s plans and delay such deployment.

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