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The Democratic Party ousted Poland and transformed Kati and Premoli into snipers.

The Democratic Party ousted Poland and transformed Kati and Premoli into snipers.

The mayor has no reassurance in the provincial council that Giuseppe Prevetini (Lega) has achieved this goal.

Mayor of Caravaggio Claudio Polandrini Discharged from the Democrats, re-confirmed as a member of the Provincial Council and two snipers were found at home: Enrico Premoli Ed Elisa tied up. The Northern Corporation was elected instead Giuseppe Pravedini, This time the votes looked at him and smiled.

Polandrini and snipers

If a good day starts in the morning, the apparent split between the Democrats’ list and the two citizens has already caught the eye during celebrations of victory in municipal councils. A few months after the mayor’s hot statements proclaiming the victory of the citizens, it is not surprising that the party is betting on another candidate to represent him in the province. Giunta Bolandrini To tell the truth, the location of a councilor from Piddino, but chose Catalani Arbitration Board, Not elected, dissatisfied with the local club of which other young people are members, instead collecting votes like Premoli, Katti and the like. Ilaria Pena, May have preferred more than a front office such as the post of deputy chairman of a delegation or city council. So the mayor of the province found himself without the support of the party, and of the three who did not vote for him were two Democrat councilors at home. And they did not hide it.

“The mayor was informed in advance and of the integration of the Pd circle for proper transparency, we have expressed our desire to support the project promoted by the young Democrats who are part of it – Indicator and Premoli said – Simulate a young person who actively and directly represents the ideas and needs of the youth.

Fracture of the joint

If not a crisis, a choice that opens – the program lines were actually shared across the room – is a deep breakdown within the majority, with Polantry biting bitterly. More than informed, he was surprised that, now, the names of the snipers would be set aside as the “liquid” council had been planning since the appointment. Administration is now a full-fledged civic body.

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“I agree with the new president Giovanni Pascual Condolfi And in the hope that Bergamo, the capital of the Prussian culture, would be able to apply with Democratic and civic lists to share the loyalty and plan of the Democratic Party’s Bergamasca Secretariat, and continue his work as a councilor with responsibility for tourism – he declared – that the collected consensus was not sufficient to substantiate the outcome of previous elections. “.

“Social Welfare Ignored”

As I say I did my part, the Democrats turned. He then accused his followers of making concessions for personal gain in a way that was detrimental to the community.

“I note that two Democrat councilors have decided not to support their mayoral candidacy, seizing Caravaggio’s opportunity to represent him in the provincial council if he is not elected by the League – backed Pravedini councilor,” he noted. It is true that there were no more than two votes on appeal, but Polandrini did not ask for any reason.

“To think that someone’s vote is irrelevant is not to say that the person who signed down had the gift of foresight or knowledge of party tactics – he downplayed it. The president voted in favor Carlo Mangoni And his advisers “.

The invitation accepted by the Northern League is a guarantee of all his commitment. As for Mangoni, there is a rumor that he and his team are on the list Mauro Colpani They have also given their support in the province. The president slips in, but sings praises to the mayor: “The secret of the vote – he laughed – I’m known Polandrini recently, but he’s a talented and talented person, and he’s a talented and talented person. In previous years, he would have made a contribution. We hope he will follow in his footsteps.Really clear change of opinion compared to the election campaign.

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