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Why is the New York Times launching its app on Slack?

Why is the New York Times launching its app on Slack?

(ETX Studio) – If you use the Slog site to chat with your colleagues, you have already shared an article with them in your posts. This procedure was precisely pushed New York Times Start on stage. By offering its new application, popular American media wants to penetrate the daily lives of employees and why not get new members.

Due to the epidemic, many companies are increasingly using communication platforms to stay in touch with co-workers. Slack is one of them. A real opportunity New York Times It constantly explores popular sites to attract new readers. After Instagram, popular American media have now launched Its own use in slack. Absolutely free, it allows platform users to read the daily article, chosen by the newspaper’s editors, and at the same time set aside content. An activity will provide the opportunity to learn the most shared articles and the first 3 of the most popular articles in his workplace on public channels. Daily indicates that they do not have access to private conversations to collect their conversations.

Unsubscribing use … or almost

Slog users can now download the app New York Times By going to the site’s “Application” tab and typing in the search bar for “The New York Times”. The “/ Nytimes” command allows direct access to the article of the day selected by the authors. All shared Times articles have a “Read Later” button, which allows you to save up to 50 articles. To access this application via Slack, the user does not need to have a press account, however press rules apply to access all articles. Simple visitors have a limited number of articles to consult for free before refusing to access content.

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Analyze reader engagement

“We collect aggregate data on feature usage and functionality to help us understand areas where improvements can be made in application performance and application experience.” Anna Dupenko and Scott Shea jointly announced of New York Times. “This is the beginning of our slack experience. We’re glad to see what features we can put into the hands of many users who want this app, and what we can do to better understand it. Our magazine has been shared.”, They added. As teleworking exploded in the face of the Govt-19 epidemic, so did the sites that companies use to maintain contact with their employees. A new playground to capture the media. “We thought it would be a good place to connect with a key audience of professionals who want to be informed and use their time efficiently. Lazy users are on the job platform, but they also use it for business. Said the U.S. Daily Deputy Visitor Director and Product Manager.