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Office 2021 announced, Microsoft is adding a new version

Office 2021 announced, Microsoft is adding a new version

Microsoft has announced that it will make a one-time purchase in the second half of Office 2021, as well as the LDSC-type version that will benefit from long-term follow-up and is designed for specific applications.

Through a blog post, Microsoft has announced the availability of Office 2021 for MacOS and Windows, but is also releasing the LDSC (Long Term Service Channel) version for businesses. The latter is designed for computers that are not connected to the Internet and require long-term support, for example, computer radio imaging in the dental office or managing a machine tool station in a factory.

So Microsoft aligns the Office suite with its Windows 10 operating system, which already has this type of version. Office LDSC and Windows 10 LDSC will be released later this year. However, a preview of Office 2021 LTSC will be available in April 2021.

For individuals and small businesses, Office 2019 will therefore not be the last version of the so-called permanent license (one-time purchase), and Microsoft acknowledges that some customers are not yet ready to switch to the version of Office 365 and its annual subscription. . The Office 2021 package for individuals and SMEs will be available in the second semester of 2021 at unchanged prices: 149 for the home and student version, including Word, Excel, PowerPoint and OneNote; And Family and SME version 9 299. The latter differs only in the presence of Outlook email software.