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Why Google is deleting a popular app

YouTube VanCet developers have announced that the development of apps and download links is complete. Results generated by Google’s actions.

YouTube Purchased: Why Google is deleting a popular app

It’s hard to be surprised by this change in the situation of YouTube Vanced. We learn by The Verge website The application will be deleted in the coming days. So far available on the processor’s official website, the download links will disappear in the next few days and development will stop.

Google threatens and the developers comply

The developers of VanCet explain that Google has sent a formal notice to remove all references to the YouTube service, including descriptive texts or a logo. Although the latest version of the application should continue to run for the time being, the program will simply stop.

Advanced Stopped. Download links on the website will be removed in the coming days. We know this is not something you want to hear but it is something we need to do. Thank you to everyone who has supported us over the years.

—Wanst Officer (TVYTVanced) March 13, 2022

For now, the app’s download links will be removed. Dedicated Discord server, Telegram and Reddit groups are currently maintained.

Stop escaping from ads

Why is Google deleting this processor? Like we said, it’s hard to be surprised. YouTube Vanced is an application that offers to “enhance” the experience provided by Google. The Dark theme for the AMOLED screen performs objectively interesting functions such as touch controls or sophisticated parameters for adjusting the codec and the adaptability used for videos, allowing you to adjust the brightness and volume as in MX Player and VLC.

This is not really what is bothering Google, on the contrary Ad blocker Integrated. In fact, with YouTube Vanced, you do not have to pay a YouTube Premium subscription to escape paid service ads and content creators. YouTube integrates the Vanced sponsor block, which automatically skips certain portions of the video when the channel thanks its subscribers or presents the sponsor brand.

These functions are not hidden, VanCett keeps them in the spotlight Again, even on its official website. So, despite its popularity and ease of use, we should not be surprised to see Google asking to remove such a processor.

Other applications should be followed

VanCet is one of the most popular and popular apps that provide this kind of functionality, but it is not the only one. SmartTubeNext (STN) Provides similar functionality to TV products such as Android TV, Nvidia Shield or Amazon Fire TV. By his side, uYouPlus Apple targets users in the ecosystem with apps for iPhone and iPad. If Google contacts them, it should come as no surprise that they will be announcing the end of support soon.

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