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Where exactly is ISS now?

Where exactly is ISS now?

The European Space Agency (ESA) provides a tool that allows the location of the International Space Station (ISS) above the Earth.

From April 23, 2021, Thomas Baskett Back at the International Space Station, at a speed of 28,000 km per hour, the Earth is moving almost 400 km. He will be there for six months. During his stay, He is an I.S., Conducting scientific experiments, Do space travel Will set a new record for France.

Where is ISS located in space?

Throughout its journey, you have the opportunity to know in real time where the ISS is located around the Earth. need you Go to a dedicated page European Space Agency (ESA). This tracking is a great way to find out if and when ISS is passing through your home. In fact, it is possible Distinguish the station with the naked eye, Weather permitting.

If you want to anticipate the passage of the ISS, the US space agency offers a tool on site Spot the station. To use this, select the marker on the map closest to your geographic location. Select “View Opportunities” for a specific list of visits – for example, April 30th to May 15th.

Is it a bird? Is this a plane? No! This is the ISS. // Source: Clement Lariv

In its orbit around Earth, it takes only 90 minutes for ISS to complete a complete circle around the blue planet. In fact, the crew on board had the right to sixteen dawns and evenings in one day. The ESA tracker also shows where the ISS was 90 minutes ago and where it will be in 90 minutes. 2,200 km from the ISS due to the Earth’s own rotation.

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In addition to the ISS location in orbit, there is another tool that can be used Find out the number of people currently in space. By the end of April, they were eleven, but since the beginning of May, that number had dropped to seven. In fact, the four astronauts on the Crew-1 mission Returned to earth The previous weekend (it regulates A small issue of berths in ISS).

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