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Sony has donated $ 200 million to Epic Games PC exclusive games

Sony has donated $ 200 million to Epic Games PC exclusive games

of Michael Miskulin
Epic Games has given Sony a whopping $ 200 million, and according to leaked documents, Sony wants to release four to six first-rate games for PC in the epic game store. The Japanese company’s response is still pending.

Publisher Epic Games has given Sony $ 200 million to send four to six first-generation games from the company to PC. This is clear from leaked documents such as the website DSOGaming Announced. Sony has not turned down the offer and Epic Games is still waiting for the Japanese company’s official response. If Sony wants to accept this deal, these first-party titles will only appear via the Epic Game Store.

Epic Games was also interested in Nintendo and Microsoft PC exclusives

According to leaked documents, Epic Games has shown interest in releasing first-party games from Nintendo and Microsoft in its store. However, these plans do not seem to have paid off. If you believe the reports of the epic, the idea of ​​bringing out Nintendo games in the epic game store is more than a bold and ambitious idea. Of course, Nintendo’s past is blowing the wind out of the boat of the whole idea. Traditionally, Nintendo games – with a few exceptions – have always appeared on Nintendo’s own platforms. So fans need to get this idea out of their heads quickly.

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At Microsoft this is very similar when it comes to feasibility. Since Microsoft runs its own store for PC apps and games, the company is a direct competitor to Epic with its Epic Game Store. In addition, Bill Spencer (gaming boss at Microsoft) and Cape Newell (valve boss) meet again and again at irregular intervals, suggesting that the relationship between Microsoft and Valve will continue to be strengthened. It is unlikely that Microsoft will cooperate with Wolverine’s rival in terms of first-class PC games.

That: Go DSOGaming

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