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An insider - Nert 4.Life says Battlefield 6 will have the biggest dynamic destruction of shots

An insider – Nert 4.Life says Battlefield 6 will have the biggest dynamic destruction of shots

Battlefield 6 Electronic Arts and Dice is about to officially offer, but in the meantime have to rely on rumors to imagine its contents, and there is something to be said for the alleged locals Dynamic destruction of shots of Great position, The actual evolution of the historical “leveling” system used by developers for previous chapters.

So we look forward to the presentation of Battlefield 6 Spring, According to plans from Electronic Arts, but in the meantime some rumors are positive about the new episode of the series, i.e. the information coming Tom Henderson, Is considered a pretty reliable insider, especially with regard to the Dice series and Call of Duty.

These are just vague clues, but in some tweets it is clear that Henderson is referring to an advanced system. Leveling of Dice For the new level of context communication and change.

The system in question was popularized by Battlefield 4, where some levels came deep Changed From some particularly devastating events. In particular, a tweet from the interior clearly indicates the popular Shanghai level, where an entire skyscraper collapsed during the fighting.

“It starts with one and ends with many” is the message associated with the image shown Skyscraper Of Battlefield 4, Battlefield 6 points to the possibility of allowing more buildings and skyscrapers to be demolished, leading to a major transformation.

The same idea seems to be reiterated by other tweets, for example, he can be seen angrily painting a picture with a sniper, he no longer has reference points following the collapse of all the buildings on which he stands. Obviously these are not official information, but they are interesting suggestions: on the other hand, dynamic destruction is an element with dice Explored a lot in the past, Even late on the battlefield: Bad Company 2, in which we continue to look forward to a possible sequel unknown to come.

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