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When will it be available in Italy?  We assess the situation

When will it be available in Italy? We assess the situation

Today is the big day, Wednesday 13th Wednesday according to various clues The PlayStation 5 may be available again on Amazon And may be at other retailers. But will it really be like this? For now, everything is quiet …

At the time of writing It was 08:30 on January 13th e The new PlayStation 5 is not available to any Italian retailerChannels and sites of major Italian retailers, from Media World to Euronix, via Uniuro and Gamestop, have not been contacted about Sony Console’s new shares.

The situation on Amazon seems to have changed in a few hours, and now we are talking The new PS5 is coming on January 26th, At least according to a snippet captured by Google but it is This may actually refer to other products as well, PlayStation 5 or PlayStation 5 Digital is not required, although the query date was found using the search term “Ps5 console“.

In such a situation, on the other hand, it is difficult to snatch oneself Amazon has always put the console on sale in the morning, Often at lunchtime large chains have arranged openings at time intervals from midnight to 09:00 am. For our part we hope to be able to update you soon with positive news PS5 availability in our country, Reports and views are at your disposal below.