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We are all united for our health: 20 projects to improve user participation in the health system

We are all united for our health: 20 projects to improve user participation in the health system

At the dawn of a major election year, while the health crisis is still hitting our country hard, France joins the Azos Sante debate. Two years after the outbreak, it became clear that the voices of those using the health care system needed to be better taken into account. Health is everyone’s profession. According to Fran அசois Azos Sante, access to health is urgently needed to transform the French model and allow everyone within a united and humane organization to become actors in their own health.

In three months, the French will be called to vote in the first round of the presidential election, followed by a dual ballot in the June assembly elections.

The Omigron wave has hit not only the election agenda, but also the issues that have provoked it so far. Faced with new outbreaks of pollution and threatening disorder, the management of the health crisis has once again become a primary concern.

The same care in a general hospital, again under pressure, and at each peak of pollution its limitations are brought to light, sometimes with very serious consequences for the sick.

At the forefront of our social security, our healthcare system has exposed limitations and shortcomings that have weakened its effectiveness and sustainability over the past decades, both for health users and health professionals. The Govt-19 epidemic has plagued the entire health system, reinforcing the urgency of action.

France’s Azos Sante, its member associations and user representatives work every day to promote “democracy in health”. But what would it be like if there were no determined citizens to keep democracy alive? What about citizens who do not have a system of expression?

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For our health, unfortunately, over the years, we have lost sight of the essential: the common values ​​that bind our community together that unite citizens dedicated to their health: freedom, equality, fraternity.

Freedom in health? This includes the emancipation of each individual through health education

Equality in health? It demands fair and equitable access to the health care system

Healthy fraternity? He calls for a deeper humanitarian and integrated health system

It is necessary to reinvest these values ​​and rebuild the health system collectively to bring citizens together and help each become an actor in their own health:

– Ensuring equal access everywhere and to all

– Promoting the promotion and prevention of health from an early age and throughout life

Thousands of user representatives of recognized health associations of which France is a member of Azos Sante have drawn up concrete proposals for the future of our healthcare system based on field observations and permanent dialogue with patients, health professionals and the general public.

“Let’s all unite for our health” should be the laboratory of ideas to enrich the debate in this year’s election deadline. France’s Azzos Sante hopes that candidates will know how to draw inspiration from it to advance “democracy in health” for the benefit of all and the safety of our health system.

Download the full version brochure “Unity for Our Health: 20 Proposals to Improve User Participation in the Health System”

Download the message “We are all united for our health”

Press Contact: Julie Girard – Regional Coordinator – 07 56 34 11 23 – [email protected]