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Kindergarten Admission Form 2021/22 [SCARICA]

Kindergarten Admission Form 2021/22 [SCARICA]

For elementary and middle school Submission of application form To be done online Specific ministerial functions, To kindergarten The form is paper.

The deadline is the same for everyone: January 25, 2021.

The application should be submitted using Form A attached to Note 20651 dated 12 November 2020 (Circular for Admission for the academic year 2021/22).

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Application Form

Only one application can be submitted. In order to allow the option to another school, the school will notify the interested party in writing of the duly motivated, non-acceptance of the application.

Who can apply

Kindergarten welcomes Children between the ages of three and five are due to be completed by December 31st Reference School year (2021/2022 school year by 31 December 2021).

Parental request and parental obligations may also be registered Children reaching the age of three by 30 April 2022. It will not even be allowed in places where children up to the age of three can join kindergarten after April 30, 2022.

Surplus records

If the number of applications for registration exceeds the total number of seats available, they are Priority Applications for those who have reached the age of three by December 31, 2021, taking into account the priority criteria defined by the School Council of the selected school.


Admission of children to early arrival is conditional, as per Article 2, paragraph 2 of Presidential Order 89/2009:

  • To Get a seat And fatigue of any waiting lists;
  • To Availability of premises And equipment suitable for use and function to meet the different needs of children under the age of three;
  • To Teaching and artificial evaluation, On behalf of the teaching staff, reception times and methods.
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The running time of the kindergarten is equal 40 hours per week; Hours may be reduced at the request of families In the morning range up to 25 hours or 50 hours per weekThere is. The criteria of priority approved by the School Council for the purpose of accepting requests to disclose the weekly schedule also apply.