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How to invite your loved ones to leave WhatsApp and join the signal

How to invite your loved ones to leave WhatsApp and join the signal

Moving to a new messaging app like Signal can only work well if your contacts do the same after many years of using WhatsApp. How do your family and friends delete their WhatsApp account to sign up for Signal Instant Messaging app?

Like all of its apps, Signal has a link to download and install an app by sending a message by calling its contacts directly.
But you can reach more people by directly accessing the discussion groups you participate in on WhatsApp. In the following lines, you will find everything you can to encourage your loved ones to join the signal.

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1. Call your contacts individually

The first opportunity to find your relatives at the signal is to call them individually using the module provided for this purpose for use.

To do this, open the app and tap your avatar to access the signal settings. You need to find an option there Invite your friends.

When you tap it, it will give the signal to send the call Message (SMS) Or by Email. Your loved one will get a link that will allow them to download the app on their smartphone.

Prefer an SMS call rather than an e-mail that requires your e-mail address to be on your relatives’ contact card, which is not always the case unlike a mobile number.
Remember that you can also invite your loved ones by pressing the pencil icon (like writing a new message). Invite friends to the signal.

2. Move your WhatsApp groups to the signal

Signal offers another opportunity to invite your contacts to join the app. You can actually address a WhatsApp group directly by sending them a direct link that allows you to join the same discussion group, but at the signal, you can be sure that they are registered in the app.

To do this, open the signal, tap the pencil icon to start a new conversation, and choose to create another one. New team. Without selecting a member for now, press the button directly NextConfirm by entering your group name and clicking on it Create.

In the dialog that appears, tap the group name to access the options. come in Then on the menu Team Link Enable the option of the same name.

Now press the button Share Choose the option that suits you best. You can share the signal group link directly in the relevant WhatsApp group, or copy the link and send it to the people you want to join the group in other ways.