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WhatsApp will force its users to share their data on Facebook

WhatsApp will force its users to share their data on Facebook

WhatsApp sends notifications to its users to invite them to accept the app’s new Terms of Use. The new rules introduced will strongly encourage them to migrate massively to alternative news applications.

The app, which has been owned by Facebook since 2014, has been a good student so far when it comes to protecting users’ personal data. But things will change. The application now requires its users to agree to share their personal data with Facebook and all companies owned by the group.

This allows WhatsApp to share with companies affiliated with Facebook, your phone number and your contacts, your name, your profile picture, your status and the diagnostic data collected in the application logs.

At the time of writing, WhatsApp seems to have started sending this notification to the devices of its French users. With its new Terms of Use, WhatsApp is taking its users by the throat: there is no option to deny this method, and users who do not comply with these new Terms by February 8 will no longer be able to use the app.

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