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They smiled at his face - Nert 4.Life

They smiled at his face – Nert 4.Life

Microsoft Tried to buy Nintendo About twenty years ago, but that didn’t exactly happen: Japanese house managers kept them Smile on your face, Really. Some former executives look back at the history of the Xbox published by Bloomberg.

To date, Nintendo has sold 739 million consoles, 365% more than the Xbox.

Steve Palmer They arranged a meeting with Nintendo to see if they would consider acquiring Microsoft, “said Kevin Bacchus, former director of third-party relations at Redmond House.

“Well, they laughed at each other. I do not know if I gave the idea: Imagine someone doing nothing for an hour. Smile on your face. It’s a good picture of how that meeting really went. “

The second meeting was in January 2000, said Bob McBreen, a former business development leader. The goal in this case was to create one Collaboration Microsoft will develop Xbox hardware and monitor Nintendo games.

“In January 2000 we held a Nintendo delegation in our offices in which we provided details of a joint venture. Technical details of XboxSaid McBreen.

“The point is, compared to their hardware shit PlayStation, It really is like that. So our proposal is ‘Listen, you’re good at developing Mario games and everything, so why not take care of the hardware?’ But it did not work. “

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