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WhatsApp, What changes to privacy on May 15th

It Privacy on WhatsApp This has been a very exciting topic since the end of December 2020 to the beginning of January 2021, when the first official announcements into use regarding the new Privacy Policy were made. Controversies around the world,India All ‘Italy, Forced WhatsApp to take a step back and postpone the launch The new rules run until May 15.

However, that does not mean that WhatsApp wants to avoid changing its privacy policy. In contrast, within the latest beta of the app ( for Android), there is one New banner It aims to explain the changes. However, the banner It is hidden and unknown to users. However, every time WhatsApp releases a beta, the developers know that “They open“Search for messages in the code and, as a result, it”Invisible banner“Facebook Group’s clear move to talk about privacy,” Without officially talking about it. But what is written on this banner? It is written What changes to WhatsApp Starting May 15th.

WhatsApp Privacy: Hidden Banner

Beta specifies it in the banner placed within the application Unable to read chats on WhatsApp, Listen to its users’ conversations, no one can ever do that because both chats and calls and video calls are encrypted Final to final encryption. A standard that prevents a site from decrypting data.

However, with the new rules it “Easy“(So WhatsApp says in the hidden banner) Chat with companies, I.e. with profiles WhatsApp Business. WhatsApp states that chatting with companies is not mandatory Clarity is not accidental, Because the whole heart of the matter lies precisely in the conversations between personal profiles and business profiles.

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WhatsApp: What happens to chats with companies

As the user begins to chat with the business profile, things change: companies with WhatsApp business profile can save, Even in the cloud, Conversations with individuals (clients and simple visitors asking for information).

In this case, WhatsApp can’t read chats, but it can’t either Make sure companies use it If they are stored on external servers. For this, e Here is the novelty, From May 15 WhatsApp will mark chats with business profiles Different icon, So they are immediately recognizable by the user.

Finally, keep in mind that what has been said so far is valid Only partially For European users (after May 15). In Europe, In fact, regulation In GDP Imposes strict rules on companies for processing and storing users’ personal data. This also applies to WhatsApp and third-party companies that use the WhatsApp business.