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Honor celebrates its 4th anniversary

Honor celebrates its 4th anniversary

This week marks the 4th anniversary of Ubisoft’s For Honor, and aptly announces Year 5: Coalition’s Outlook for the Year. After four consecutive years of content updates and improvements, Year 5 brings an extra year with game content as the storyline continues from Year 4 onwards. The year of the agreements will officially appear on March 11th. Additional information about Year 5 Season 1 will appear later.

Roadmap includes four customization items, two new heroes – one hero released in Season 2 and another Heroes in Season 5 – as well as sporting events and a battle pass for each season.

For Honor Yacht Club introduces an in-game crossover with Shovel Knight from Games, which is now available for free. The crossover features content inspired by Shovel Knight, which includes Shovel Drop Emote and three unusual costumes, each with ornaments, mood effects, icons and more. The emote can be purchased for 10,000 steel, in-game currency. Clothing can be purchased for 15,000 to 20,000 steel. All items will be available at the sports store until March 4th.

Since its release in February 2017, For Honor can now look forward to its fifth annual release content. Honor has a wide variety of content, including a selection of 28 heroes, including the recently released Griffin – as well as seven multiplayer modes, one story campaign and unlimited PvE mode. Honor celebrates more than 25 million players and is available for Ubisoft +, a subscription service for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One console, Windows PC and Ubisoft. PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X using backward compatibility Honor also operates in S.

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