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WhatsApp: Trojan horse found in popular extension

WhatsApp: Trojan horse found in popular extension

If you add a mod in WhatsApp, you can quickly get the Trojan on your smartphone.

WhatsApp operators are constantly adding new functions to their messenger. If it does not go fast enough, you can undo unofficial extensions (so-called mods). Well known extensions, for example, WhatsApp Plus, GBWhatsApp or FMWhatsApp. However, post-extension in particular carries a major security risk. Kaspersky Security Researchers found version 16.80.0 in the FMWhatsApp extension

Trojaner Trida
. Malware apparently entered the software through the Manipulation Software Development Kit (SDK). Kaspersky can also make initial statements about the effects of the Trojan: Triada collects data about the device in the background unnoticed. More Trojans are being downloaded via the internet. Some of them show ads, while others receive paid subscriptions on behalf of the user. Other malware, however, log into their own WhatsApp account, but they intercept the text message with an unnoticed confirmation code.

Anyone with a current virus scanner installed on their Android device should already be alerted in case of FMWhatsApp. Deletion should also be possible. If you want to ensure that you are not spied on, you should keep your hands away from such extensions. WhatsApp operators also speak out against the use of mods. In the worst case, the account may be blocked by the WhatsApp operator. FMWhatsApp ensures that users can better customize the messenger according to their preferences. Mod has anti-destructive function for messages. It can also be used to control the visibility of other users. Additionally, two separate phone numbers may be used.

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