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Oppo Enco Free 2 True Wireless Earphones Tested: A New Challenge Appears

Oppo Enco Free 2 True Wireless Earphones Tested: A New Challenge Appears

Enco Free 2’s reserve sensors, which disable active noise reduction and “transparency” mode on our measuring dummy rig, unfortunately could not provide you with our standard backup level. This disappointment will not prevent us from providing you with our analysis on this matter.

The active noise reduction provided by these headphones is relatively good. After all, its action is felt at low frequencies and constant noises: train rolling, motors and ventilation noises are clearly observed by Enbo Free 2.. It also has the effect of clearly reducing the sense of proximity of vehicles. Voices all around, without destroying them. In fact, with headphones of this caliber and semi-in-ear design, isolation is much less important in the midrange. While the results are plausible, we can always sense nearby discussions – in the form of hissing, which can sometimes be a little unpleasant -, some noises from metal shocks (rolling on an old metro track), or some noise from typing on a keyboard, for example. Taking care even in the use of the “Personalized Noise Cancellation” function has the potential to at least activate the RBA and slightly control the pressure that comes with it, the level of isolation does not change, no change. So this behavior cannot be controlled.

The transparency system is at least successful for its part. Of course, we still feel the effect of passive isolation provided by headphones, especially in Treble – which is sometimes a bit annoying to instinctively identify the status of certain sources – but what is provided is natural. Once activated, you can detect surrounding sounds and sounds without much effort.

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