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WhatsApp, the new scam to steal is here

With fake messages on WhatsApp from malicious people, you may lose a portion of your remaining traffic. Things to note here

These are bad weeks Share It must deal with ongoing fraudulent attempts Chat. Unfortunately Hacker Experts are increasingly able to sneak in user conversations and then execute the real ones Frauds.

Uses Fake news (Intrinsic at this point Govt You have Vaccines), Plan their effort Fishing. The project considers “bringing the victim to the checkers” by reading a message of strong interest (but clearly false) and prompting him to click on some. Connected links To text.

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WhatsApp, What to do when you see vague and dangerous messages

This is a mistake not made precisely because by doing so you run the risk of unknowingly joining Payment services. Many users Tim, Vodafone and Air They have expressed their dissatisfaction with this in recent weeks. This is because they have seen their debts being deducted (in some cases zero) without doing anything.

Unfortunately, these phenomena are difficult to control, even for professionals who continue to work to improve Share. So to avoid falling into these bad traps, it is better to pay close attention to the information to mitigate them.

Other than that the first thing to do Never click For whatever reason, it doesn’t Report These kinds of operating system conflicts. In the second case it is better Spread their knowledge in this matter. Word of mouth may be more important than you think. Finally, it’s good Track the elderly and inexperienced with these technical tools, Can “bite” without problems if shocked.

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