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Ways beyond the vaccine passport to “facilitate the passenger’s travel”

Ways beyond the vaccine passport to “facilitate the passenger’s travel”

The guest of honor at the Good Morning Business, the Secretary of State in charge of tourism, returned to the need to “regulate passenger travel” and spurred ideas on setting up standardized certification or digital equipment.

What can we do to refresh tourism when we begin to seriously consider a way out of a health crisis that is unfortunately not yet on the agenda? This was the question asked this morning by the Secretary of State for Tourism, the French people living abroad, and La Francoponi, a guest on the Good Morning Business, Jean-Baptist Lemoine.

The route of the vaccine passport, the vaccination certificate for entering abroad, but going to restaurants or cinema, seems to attract the French, but what does the minister think?

Vaccination certificates, against yellow fever, may concern a particular geographical area. Infection (Govt-19), which is universal, so once you condition the movements on the vaccine, you force someone not to move. So it touches on an ethical debate. “

“Facilitate the passenger’s journey”

Jean-Baptiste Lemoine returned to discussions with his Greek opponent on the subject:

He (Greek Minister of Tourism) wants to work on a standardized certificate to gain mutual recognition. I think it is very interesting to work on facilitating the journey of travelers, which is a hurdle today. “

So the first purpose, the vaccine. “Today, out of 300 million Europeans, 5 to 6 million of you are vaccinated and are on the epod, they are not much travelers. So, we see this (these later Govt trips), it’s not what it means today.” But we still have to wait for the end of the crisis:

On the other hand, I think we need to think about restarting tourism and movement, and find other tools: today, for example, PCR tests are needed, but all of these are done in paper form, there may be document fraud, there are deleted channels. “

Another example of an initiative mentioned by Jean-Baptiste Lemoine in Portugal is the proposal to set up digital tools that are highly secure and have easy access to install certificates:

Portugal sparked the idea of ​​setting up digital instruments that make it possible to download the results of their testing, perhaps downloading their vaccination certificate. These are tools that can smooth out the passenger’s journey and will be useful in the future. “