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WhatsApp, the new feature is dangerous: what's going on

WhatsApp, the new feature is dangerous: what’s going on

A new functionality has arrived in WhatsApp, but it seems dangerous to all users: let’s see what happens and how to protect yourself.

New risk in news usage (via screenshot)

In June, Mark Zuckerberg Had announced a new feature for Share. In fact, it recently landed on the official version of the app ‘Take a look‘, available on both iOS and Android. In fact, the function allows you to send Photo and video Then deleted automatically Single view. In addition, the giant of instant messaging announced everything with a long statement.

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In fact, it reads inside: “Take photos or videos It has become a part of our phones Important Of our lives. But all we share is not to be permanent or to sit still The camera roll takes up space. To give people an extra layer Privacy and control They will be introduced about sending New feature“. But now an exciting knot has put users at risk. Let’s see what happens.

WhatsApp, the dangers of the new ‘take a look’ function: Does it protect privacy?

New ‘Take a look’ function is in the news app (via WABetaInfo)

It was soon added to the official version Share Function ‘Take a look‘But the The sun Highlighted how any user can do it Screenshot News that can only be viewed once. And unlike Snapshot, WhatsApp does not send notification to sender in screen shots. Therefore a Address Take a screen shot or Photo On the screen with another device, so the message that needs to be viewed only once can go online without any permission.

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If we send The pin of our credit card, The recipient can create a screen, thus putting the data at serious risk Sensitivity sent. In conclusion, we may define it as dangerous to send personal or personal information in a message application, so the advice is to avoid sending sensitive information and data into the application, even to people we trust.