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How do I download Green Pass?  When should it be displayed?  Questions and answers on the rules will come into effect from August 6

How do I download Green Pass? When should it be displayed? Questions and answers on the rules will come into effect from August 6

In this effort, apart from museums, theaters, cinemas, gyms and swimming pools, catering companies, pubs and pastry shops

When does the optimistic Green Pass come into effect?

“From today, the QR-code, which suppresses Cree-Pass, should be displayed where necessary.”

Who qualifies?

“Even those who have had a single dose of vaccine for at least 15 days, those who have a recovery certificate from Kovil for no more than 6 months, those who get a negative result with a wipe done within 48 hours. Those who are exempt from the vaccine for health reasons can also get it.

How can I download the document?

“After receiving the permit via SMS or email, we go to the site You will get the pass. It can be downloaded from the Immuni processor or from IoT, another application for public administration, however SPID is required. Those who are not fully digitalized with the same code can get help from their family doctor or go to the pharmacy and ask them to print the certificate.

Where and when to display?

Whenever you sit indoors in restaurants, pizzerias, bars, pubs, pastry shops; When following a concert or show in the theater; When entering museums for an exhibition or permanent collection; When you go to cheer on the field. But when you have to go inside the gym and swimming pool or you have to attend an exhibition, congress or public competition.

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Do you need it at the bar counter?

“No, you can easily have a drink or coffee regularly without showing anything, while at the same time keeping the meter from your neighbor and pulling the mask when paying or moving into the room.”

How does it work outdoors?

“Even if you’re still a meter away at the table, wearing a mask whenever you have to enter the room, anyone can sit at outdoor tables without revealing anything.”

In which cases is interior catering necessary?

This order speaks to catering “run by any business” so that pubs, restaurants, pastry shops, ice cream parlors and pizzerias provide table service on their premises.

What happens in schools?

“The green pass will be mandatory for all teachers and university students. However, underage students do not need it. Teachers without a green pass after five days will not be paid.

How does it work in transportation systems?

“Now you can travel in our country without it. It is required from September 1 on trains, ships and planes on domestic routes. But you already need to go abroad today.

Are there rules for the meeting?

“Yes, this order sets limits to the congestion of facilities, which apply to sporting events and events. Whether it is a concert or Serie A match in the White Zone, it does not exceed 50% of that approved space and 25% of the interior. In the Yellow Zone, on the other hand, it occupies a maximum of half the space Can, 5,000 people outside and 2,500 indoors without exceeding the limit.

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