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WhatsApp, the farewell to millions of smartphones is approaching: here are the models

WhatsApp, the farewell to millions of smartphones is approaching: here are the models

WhatsApp will soon be available on millions of smartphones. The processor owned by Facebook will stop working, but what are the devices in it?

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A bitter message to many users who are accustomed to using the best messaging processor on a daily basis, Share. Soon it will no longer work on both smartphone models, Android and Io. Compatibility will fail and the application will not be usable Chat with friends and family and send videos, photos and files. L ‘Alternate telegram.

When will WhatsApp work and on which devices will it shut down

Official date for WhatsApp to stop working on various devices November 1, 2021. Compatibility will be compromised as Facebook removes support for mobile operating systems Android 4.0.3 Ice Cream Sandwich e iOs9. The system will undergo the same operation KaiOS 2.5.0, Less well known in Italy. Likewise all previous versions will lose the functionality of the messaging application.

We are talking about dated operating systems released in 2011 (Android) and 2015 (iOS), but they are still available Millions of devices Still used by a large number of people. How to find out if Our device belongs to these categories?

“Lose” our smartphone messaging app?

Doubt catches you and you want to find out soon if you can continue using the messaging processor from November 1st? There Process It is easy to check the operating system of the device in hand. If you have An Android You need to enter “Settings”, access the “About Phone” section (or depending on the brand) and look for the words “Android version”.

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Owners An iOS Instead, they need to access the “Settings” section, enter “General” and “Info”. You can check the “Software Version” item that indicates the operating system used.

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What to do in case of incompatibility?

If your device does not support WhatsApp from November 1, you can follow two options. First request to check if they are available System updates Such as reconfiguring the smartphone. The second way involves Buy a new smartphone, Modern and technologically advanced, equipped with a valid operating system for the operation of the messaging application. It is better to do it in any case A data backup To avoid losing chats during a phone change or update.