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Throwing Birthday Gifts at Fortnight, Season 8 Challenge - Breakflip

Throwing Birthday Gifts at Fortnight, Season 8 Challenge – Breakflip

New challenges are available at Fortnight, during the 4 years of the game! One of them asks me to throw birthday presents and we explain how to do it.

4 years Fortnight You can celebrate them in the game from September 24 to 28, 2021. For the occasion, new objects will be added to the game, Birthday cakes Or even Gifts. But not only that, as every year, you can also complete the challenges to get free rewards!

One of the challenges of the year ” Throwing birthday presents “.

How to throw birthday presents at Fortnight?

To start birthday gifts at Fortnight, you need to get started Find some ! These gifts are items that can be found throughout the game as regular items: On the chest, or on the floor. No. No exact location, But should not be too hard to find!

Once you have the birthday gift in your inventory, you only need it Launch it to use it, And check the search. By throwing this gift, it will land where you threw it, and you can enter it because it will be so large. You will find an object there, it may be very rare.

Aside from the challenges, throwing these birthday gifts can provide a certain benefit during a game.

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