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WhatsApp, the complete novelty for audio: what will change soon

WhatsApp, the complete novelty for audio: what will change soon

A big innovation is landing on the web version of WhatsApp. Now there will be an exclusive version of the audio: all the details.

Another message that WhatsApp has decided to update its web version with exclusive functionality. Everyone connecting from the computer will be coming soon. Let’s see what changes.

What will change soon within the application (via screenshot)

In these months Share Gradually improves the quality of the user experience of its messaging application. In fact, there have been several updates within the app, the last being about the web version. In fact, they will soon be out of the desktop Pause and resume recording voice messages. Everyone who attends the ceremony already has this function WhatsApp beta on iOS device.

Instead there are no details about the version Android. The regular portal took care of providing these symptoms WABetaInfo, Which, as always, first signaled the arrival of the process. So the preview function is already available to everyone who subscribes to the beta program. In fact, the real news Then came the possibility of talking again. A key will then be introduced allowing you to pause the recording. Check out the latest functionality that has come into use.

WhatsApp, not just audio paused: function coming from the telegram

Great news about instant messaging (via screenshot)

As for WhatsApp, the novelty is not only the possibility of pausing the audio. In fact, the application has decided to restore the audio field again. However, the novelty was shamelessly copied Telegraph. So let’s see soon how users can see and hear vowels.

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Users of audio messages can only listen to these within their own chat, or at least know that they are all valid today. In fact, things will change soon. Application developers are now ready to point Multitasking.

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So users can as soon as possible You can also listen to chat audios by looking at the News Service menu, Or entering into another conversation. The portal thought to spoil everything WABetaInfo. So let’s look at the characteristics of the upcoming innovation.